Apogee - organic herbs in Arta - Greece

Apogee proposes a range of organic aromatic herbs, combining high quality and tradition. Within a package of apogee products you can find tradition, quality and respect for nature.
Within a package of apogee products you can find tradition, quality and respect for nature.

Organic Products

Organic products guarantee authentic flavors and quality of life, express the human need for a healthy diet and represent a response to mutated products. Products of Apogee are certified by DIO (certification & organization of organic products). This guarantees that they are free of chemical processes, such as fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified organisms.

Climate - Soil

Cultivated in an clean environment, away from industrial activity in Tzoumerka Mountains. The unique climatic and soil conditions give us an impressive wealth of aromatic plants and herbs, with high level of concentration in essential oils.

Cultivation - Harvest

All products are harvested by hand, so that none of its components is altered, even at minimum. No stage, from planting until the final product, is done mechanically.

Company profile
We are Apogee, a family-run business involved in organic cultivation and standardization of aromatic herbs.
The cultivation of our plants takes place in Tzoumerka Mountains, a clean environment, away from industrial activity.
The aromatic plants and herbs that we grow have been known in Greece for thousands of years and have, always, been part of the Mediterranean diet.
Respecting the environment and the tradition, we only use organic farming methods, thus ensuring authentic taste and high quality.

Our products
  • Greek Oregano 
  • Sage 
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme

Contact Apogee 

Kypseli - Artas,  Greece

www.apogee.com.gr | info@apogee.com.gr

mobile phone - +30 694 4721328