Kroussia mountain - Medicinal and aromatic plants (Kilkis - Greece)

In 2005 we created a food science and technology consulting Services Company. 

Our aim was to help the agricultural sector in its effort to process its primary product with a much more efficient way. 

Through our close contact with farmers and out of our original interest in nature and rural environment we decided to invest into the cultivation of aromatic and pharmaceutical plants. 
An initial effort begun in 2008 with the experimental plantation of oregano beneath the mountain of Kroussia in Kokkinia, Kilkis, Northern Greece. 
This effort was undertaken with the valuable help of family members like my father, a man with deep knowledge of traditional farming needs and methods. 

Our aim is to restructure the agricultural life in the region.

We were vindicated a few months later when our product was evaluated by several specialists of the field. 
No pesticides are used, while the plants are dried in cool and shadowy environment, directly after picking.

Sorting and packing is done manually without the use of mechanical means. 

Thus, the leaves, the flowers and the stalks are kept intact while flavor and color are not degrading. 
Additionally, the essential oil included in the plant, does not come in contact with the oxygen, therefore avoiding the process of oxidation and thus keeping its good quality.

We are looking forward to reform the agricultural potential of our land and support a sustainable progress scheme for the region and its human resource power, through the cultivation or process of regional and traditional products.

Dimosthenis Michael Triantafyllidis 

Agricultural Scientist, MBA,M.Sc

67 Mytilinis str, 56533 Políchni, Greece